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In a time of technology and multi-media overload, folks need to understand how important it is to preserve the artistry, the artist, the ones that devote so much of their lives creating music for all to enjoy. There was a time where music was much more prevalent and it wasn’t all that long ago. Many competing interests have caused the public to lose interest in live music. As we continue to make it more and more difficult for the artist to survive due to lack of support, we deplete the creative base that gives us the music to enjoy. Think of this the next time you go out for dinner, drinks, and gaming. Support places that support live music. Stimulate public interest. Make a difference! SNS is dedicated to creating a place where live music can flourish every night. Help us help the artist. The more successful we become the more we can afford to pay the musicians and the more opportunities that we can create. Join us.


One thought on “Support Live Music

  1. Support live music folks, if not at SNS like obviously we would prefer, think about where you spend your money and what the owners will do with your hard earned cash. We have grown live music to seven nights a week and hope to get to matinees on the weekends by next summer. The more you support us the more we can support our local musicians with a nice place to play and some money to do so. A good portion of our revenue also goes back to our community. Simple business that we are very passionate about. Love you all.

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