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In a time of technology and multi-media overload, folks need to understand how important it is to preserve the artistry, the artist, the ones that devote so much of their lives creating music for all to enjoy. There was a time where music was much more prevalent and it wasn’t all that long ago. Many competing interests have caused the public to lose interest in live music. As we continue to make it more and more difficult for the artist to survive due to lack of support, we deplete the creative base that gives us the music to enjoy. Think of this the next time you go out for dinner, drinks, and gaming. Support places that support live music. Stimulate public interest. Make a difference! SNS is dedicated to creating a place where live music can flourish every night. Help us help the artist. The more successful we become the more we can afford to pay the musicians and the more opportunities that we can create. Join us.


Merry Christmas!?

As a child, I loved the holiday season, the Christmas spirit, Thanksgiving gathering of friends and family, and celebrating the coming of a Happy New Year. As an adult, it remains one of my favorite times of the year. I don’t mean to offend a soul that reads this or enters our business to see how we love to celebrate the holiday season with our decorations, let alone our Christmas tree that we put up after Thanksgiving.

Each year Melissa Kingston, our family, staff, and I serve a free meal on Thanksgiving and Christmas to our regular customers that aren’t fortunate to have their own family functions to go so that they can be part of our Saddle N Spurs Saloon family during the holidays. People need a place to come and enjoy and be appreciated rather than be alone during the holidays. It can make the difference with people, maybe even save their life, as you have no idea how they feel inside. I remember the empty feeling as an international student when I was younger, or as an adult after I was divorced, and away from my family during the holidays. We also choose to show thanks to our amazing staff during the Christmas season when we award bonuses and have a gathering with them all in our home from our family to theirs. We call it our staff Christmas party amidst all the societal pressures of so many businesses to become politically correct, not us.

My intentions are genuine and sincere. If it offends anyone of different faiths or beliefs, I am sorry for that, but I am not sorry for supporting what I believe in and being kind to others while doing so. As we move into the start of the holiday season, many people will be traveling to see their loved ones. Please be safe and enjoy one another for next year at this time some of our loved ones may no longer be with us. That is independent of faith or belief, it is a reality of being a human being. Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you. We love you all.

Melissa & Bobby Kingston



Welcome to Las Vegas’ LAST Remaining REAL Honky Tonk Bar !

More Exciting Things Are Coming:

After over 31 years in business, Saddle N Spurs Saloon is now part of Bob Kingston Productions, Inc. This is the same business that directly represents The Bobby Kingston Band and The Barn Studios, a Las Vegas based audio and video production company. Many exciting things are happening, so please stay tuned.

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About Saddle N Spurs Saloon:

A neighborhood bar/tavern with friendly staff, customers, entertainment, and a local honky tonk vibe just like you would see in the state of Texas! We are open all day, every day 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and have; entertainment nightly (consisting of Live Music Nightly with never a cover charge), periodic special events, dance floor, jukebox, 2 pool tables, 12 HD TVs including our 150 inch HD projection system for sports including NFL Sunday Ticket, reasonable drink prices, loose gaming, ATM, and great food now available from the Chuck Wagon kitchen. All Major Credit Cards are now accepted!

Current Entertainment, Live Musical Entertainment:

Drink Specials Every Night, NO Cover Charge, EVER !

See our detailed schedule on Facebook by clicking the logo below (make sure after you see the events that you click on the “subscribe” button):

In general, this is our entertainment each week:

Fri – The Bobby Kingston Band & DJ Donovan 7:30p
Sat – The Bobby Kingston Band & DJ Donovan 7:30p
Sun – Sunday Ticket NFL Football 10:00a
Sun – Acoustic Open Mic Night, various artists 8:30p
Mon – Monday Night NFL Football 5:30p
Mon – Electric Vegasland Jam Session 8:30p
Tue – Country Swing/Two Step Dance Lessons 5p
Tue – Ladies Night, various Country Bands 7p
Wed – Country Two Step/Line Dance Lessons 6p
Wed – Hump Day Live Music, various bands 8p
Thur – Thursday Night NFL Football 5:30p
Thur – Bike Night, various Blues & Rock Bands 8:30p

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How to Find and Reach Us:

Saddle N Spurs Saloon is located at:

2333 N. Jones Blvd. Ste. 108 Las Vegas, NV USA 89108
(We are on the southeast corner of Smoke Ranch Rd & Jones Blvd.)

Call the SNS direct line to the bar: (702) 646-6292
Text SNS to subscribe for text alerts: (702) 738-6834
Call the SNS hotline for general schedule: (702) 655-9347
Fax us if you insist on doing so: (702) 995-0377
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