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Saddle N Spurs Saloon has a great roster of entertainment and generally runs live music nightly.  Depending upon the time of year and seasonal changes (for example, the onset of NFL football season in the tavern market), our bookings can run 2 to 3 months in advance.  We take entertaining our customers, customer service, and introducing new customers to our business very seriously in the competitive tavern business.  We seek only the most motivated team players to come on board with us.  Most all of our new acts have started out as customers so that we have an opportunity to see how prospective acts fit with our customers.  The best way is to come in and support other acts and be seen.  Some of our roster bands have participated at our open mic nights (see schedule) so that staff can see and hear their music and also gain insight into how well the act fits in with our established regular customer base.  We monitor market saturation very closely to help protect ours and other live music venues in the area.  Generally, bands that play venues too close together in time and distance will split their draw between the venues putting the bands sustainable revenue at risk at all of the venues. True, bands have the right to pick when and where they play at any time, however, by the same token SNS has the right to pick the bands that perform at SNS. Bands that do not respect common courtesy to this general policy have demonstrated an inability to consistently draw and support their shows, which in turn, leads to them being taken off of the roster in rotation. With running live entertainment to the degree that we do at the SNS, we have seen this occur many times and we have seen bands over extend themselves to the point that they rarely get booked by any nearby venues or the SNS because of it.  This is nothing personal and it is strictly a business decision in the best long term interest of the bands, neighboring venues, SNS, and the local live music scene. We are a local family owned tavern business that offers a small club environment to our customers and a place for musicians to perform and be supported. As such, we are in business to sustain this offering and are not a foundation or charity that can offer entertainment without sustainable revenue at the shows. Bands need to be a good fit with our regular customers and bring in enough of a following to keep the social interaction fresh and revenue sustainable to support their compensation and our overhead costs. As a rule of thumb, without advance permission, the SNS will generally not book acts that play anywhere within a 6 mile radius of SNS within a week’s timeframe either side of dates at SNS.  Our most successful local acts promote their SNS shows appropriately to their audience on social media, email, and text in conjunction with SNS marketing and don’t rely strictly on SNS marketing or regular customers to support their bookings. They also frequent the SNS when off from performing in order to promote entertainment to our customers and show good faith to other acts performing at SNS (for example, sharing social media events and engaging interest with other acts to become stronger together) in order to help attract customers and to have other acts, in turn, support their shows on their SNS dates.  Common sense, honesty, integrity, attitude, professionalism, fan following, and loyalty to the SNS are key to establishing a long term standing on our entertainment roster.  Bands that practice these business ethics and respect all venues in the same area as SNS continue to do well on a long term ongoing basis with SNS and our competitors in the local music scene.
We prefer that you drop off your promotional materials in person in a sealed envelope, to the attention of Bobby Kingston.  If you are unable to do so or would like to submit an application for our file for future consideration, you may do so by mailing it to:
Saddle N Spurs Saloon
2333 N Jones Blvd Ste 108
Las Vegas NV 89108
Attn: Bobby Kingston
(702) 646-6292


If you insist, you may also scan all of your paperwork and email it to Bobby@saddlenspurssaloon.comfor consideration as well.

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