What is SNS Saloon doing while being closed as the Pandemic continues?

Management has been very busy during the closure working tireless hours toward compliance with government mandates while trying to insure our ability to reopen when the time comes.  Here is the latest on what we are doing and some ways that our customers can continue to help us, if able, during these difficult times:

1 – We continue to advocate with calls for public awareness to follow guidelines at the personal level to minimize public risk. We are not personally participating with events, like house parties, that can spread the virus and defeat what we are trying to accomplish by being closed.  If this continues, we believe the government will take away even more freedoms that we have and move closer to martial law. Please follow instructions and common sense folks. 

2 – We have been working diligently to have operating costs waived or at least suspended.  This will increase the probability that we will be able to reopen and minimize any accrued balances that we will have to repay when reopened.  This exhaustive effort minimizes loans or relief funding that ultimately will effect future pricing to our customers and long term sustainability to our business. 

3 – We have explored the possibility of opening for take-out of our award winning food.  While we appreciate the support and offers to purchase our food we find the sales versus the added health risk, logistics of getting food product of the quality needed to make our food the way we do, and financial risk due to price increases by suppliers and potential spoilage should the government close down this option with little to no notice. 

4 – We have explored alternatives to help our musicians by hosting live streams from SNS Saloon, but it seems that this goes against the concept of keeping people isolated and with the number of already existing live streams going on it unfortunately doesn’t seem to be worth the risk versus benefit for our entertainers also doing it directly with us.  However, we are exploring partnering with other live feeds and making them more conveniently available to our customers via our social media. 

5 – We do have our merchandise available online and can ship it to you and you can view our offerings here:


6 – We are continuing to accept advance purchases (gift cards) and/or donations towards reopening including a vehicle to tip our staff.  You may check that out here:


SNS Saloon will continue to update this page to remain transparent to our customers and our community.

Be safe and be well folks. Thank you.  We appreciate and love all of you

Saddle N Spurs Saloon Management


Here is what we posted previously for consistency:

Governor Sisolak ordered closed SNS Saloon effective noon March 18th, 2020 as a non-essential business. We ceased gaming operations at 11pm March 17, 2020 before the midnight mandate.  We also complied with ceasing sales and shut down our POS system before the noon March 18, 2020 mandate.  Our doors are all boarded up, all cash, liquour and valuables have been removed, and security measures have been put in place to protect this bar for all to enjoy when we reopen.  Additionally, we are making some improvements during the close down and exercising our due diligence to insure our survival and explore all financial option to minimize any required cost increases to insure our sustainability in to the future.  Thank you to all of our staff that assisted during the closure to insure compliance and help protect the business enterprise. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide more ongoing details on when we will reopen as soon as we learn so check back often. If you need to reach us you may leave a message at (702) 738-6354. Bookmark our website here at http://www.sns.vegas Thank you to all of our amazing customers for your ongoing support. Our sincerest apologies to our staff and entertainment that we have to close by government directive due the Federal, State of Nevada, and City of Las Vegas declared states of emergency due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Be well and be safe everyone, as everything else is replaceable except you.